About us

Defining our brand

In this section, we outline our drivers and the soft elements of memoQ brand, including what we stand for, what motivates us and why we choose the words we use, and how we speak to the world.

About memoQ

memoQ is a leading collaborative translation environment and TMS delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. memoQ is dedicated to providing innovation through diverse developments that empower hundreds of thousands of enterprises, translation companies, and freelance translators worldwide.  

Keeping in mind both simplicity and effective translation processes, memoQ leverages its ease of use, collaboration, and interoperability in one complex solution. Discover a new world with memoQ!

Our vision

n the past decade has been about changing the way translators work, the next decade will be about transforming your business, helping you streamline the localization processes that will allow you to operate on a global scale. We continue to imagine a digital transformation of the translation world and develop technology that serves the purpose of all the stakeholders in the localization spectrum. The translation companies, which will only introduce technology that translators enjoy using. But every other company out there needs technology that enables them to collaborate easily with translation companies and freelance translators alike. We are continuously heading towards our vision that hasn’t changed since the very beginning. The digital transformation of translation is a great challenge and we do everything with this goal in mind. The past decade was about changing the way translators work, and for the next decade, we are focusing on dedicated solutions to help you transform your business and streamline the localization processes to operate on a global level. We keep working extremely hard so that our users, whether big or small, continue to take delight in their work. Making good, enjoyable software is still a principle rooted at the very core of our organization. To safeguard it, we rely on our customer insights program which helps us understand the needs and challenges our users to face every day.

memoQ’s mission is to create customer value by building best-of-breed translation technology that allows products and services to be brought to global markets faster and at less cost.

memoQ as an entity

Please use memoQ as a brand name or describe us as a whole entity, or organization. Start with a lowercase ‘m’.
When you would like to refer to memoQ, please use ‘it’, eg. its CEOs.

Our slogan

memoQ. Supercharge your localization

memoQ TMS level slogan: memoQ TMS. Supercharge your localization.
memoQ Translator levels slogan: memoQ translator pro. Superpower at your fingertips.