How to write “memoQ”?

Align with the Brand ID and use the name of the products and features and the company properly:

  • In a legal context, you may use memoQ Translation Technologies Private Company Limited by Shares or memoQ Ltd.
  • Use memoQ Ltd. where you need to distinguish between our company and our product.
  • If the context allows you to do so, use memoQ as a company name, too.
  • memoQ Ltd. where a short company name is required (e.g. in case of legal context or when the product and the company is present in the same sentence or close to each other, and this requires explanation).
  • memoQ as brand.
  • memoQ as the core product.
  • memoQ Business Services (a.k.a Professional Services).
  • memoQ cloud as a deployment option.
  • memoQ hosted as a deployment option.
  • memoQ on-premise as a deployment option.
  • Subscription (Software as a Service) as a licensing option.
  • Perpetual License as a licensing option.
  • Cloud centers (EU, Japan East, West US).
  • memoQ server as a brand.
  • memoQ translator pro as the core product for translators.
  • memoQ project manager as the core product for project managers.
  • memoQ translator free.
  • Hey memoQ.
  • QTerm for the terminology management add-on of memoQ server.
  • memoQWeb for the browser-based version of memoQ server.
  • Other product/feature names as found on
  • Avoid the use of "perpetual server" - nobody understands that as this is a term that not even English native speakers use.
  • If a sentence starts with memoQ, write it with small capital. Example: “memoQ is one of the best translation management tools.”
  • Use American English. Be consistent.

5 dimension scale for tone of voice:

Serious vs. Funny

Rather serious than funny. A little joke can’t hurt, though. Funny is okay sometimes, but always stay polite!

Formal vs. Casual

In most cases, choose casual instead of formal. Take the format and the place into consideration. (See specific formats below.) No slang allowed. Contractions like: “don’t” ...are okay. Forbidden: “gonna be”.

Respectful vs. irreverent

Always be respectful to our readers, to our company and our values.

Enthusiastic vs. matter-of-fact

If you enjoy writing the content, and if you are enthusiastic about what we do, it will be obvious for the reader, and it will grab them, too.

Negative vs. (Only if it’s so funny, that you must.) > Always positive.

Tone of voice and writing style

Convey the message and reach the goal (regarding lead-generating content, you can always find it in the content brief).

  • Be reader-friendly. Help the reader with useful, relevant, problem-solving and easily digestible content.
  • Match the content with the target audience's search habits (SEO). No matter how excellent the article is, if people won’t can’t it then it's not worth the investment.
  • One major thread in the story.
  • The character of the story is the reader, the message to them is personal, but not too chummy.
  • Use Grammarly and do your best in grammar. As a rule of thumb, get your content reviewed by someone else. We all know typos are invisible to the naked eye :)
  • Avoid repetition.
  • NEVER plagiarize. If you are using ideas from other sources, please include them in your article unless you have come up with a new one. Chunk your content, break it into manageable sections so that it becomes easily scannable.
  • Source: foot note / end note / hover Sentence blabla (Source: